The Canadian Women's Club of the San Francisco Bay Area (a)

The name of this organization shall be:
The Canadian Women’s Club of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Section 1.                  Purpose
The purpose of this not for profit Club shall be to promote good fellowship, philanthropy, social and intellectual association among members and guests. (a)
Section 2.        Policy
Any monies raised during the year over and above those required for expenses shall be donated to Bay Area non-profits that have been recommended by the membership then vetted and chosen by the Philanthropy Chair. (a)
a.   Club Members.  We welcome Canadian women as well as those with Canadian ties and friends who express an interest in Canada.  At no time will members be permitted to conduct business for personal or private gain. (a)
b.               Honorary Members.             Honorary members include:
1.  A Canadian Consul General or Canadian Trade Consul of the San Francisco Bay Area.
2.  The spouse or partner of the Canadian Consul General or Canadian Trade Consul of the San Francisco Bay Area.(a)
Section 1.        Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall be from June 1 to May 31. (a)
Section 2.                  Annual Dues Club members shall pay annual dues set by the Board and Executive Committee. Honorary members are exempt from payment of dues. Any member joining during the last two months of the fiscal year shall pay regular dues which will apply to the following year.
Section 3.        Payment of Dues The dues of active members are payable on June 1 and shall be paid to the Club Treasurer no later than September 30. A member whose dues remain unpaid after September 30 shall forfeit Club membership.
Section 4.        Finances The Treasurer's books shall be closed on June 30 at the close of the term of office. Treasurer’s reports and financial documents will be maintained for at least 7 years. If the Club is dissolved the money in the Treasury shall be given to Bay Area non-profits that have been recommended by the membership then vetted and chosen by the Philanthropy Chair.
Section 1.        Elected and Appointed officers. Elected Officers.  Elected officers of the Club shall be the President or Co-Presidents, the Vice President, the Recording Secretary, the Corresponding Secretary, and the Treasurer.  These Officers shall constitute the Board of Directors.  The President or
Co-Presidents must be Canadian born. (a) Appointed Officers.  Appointed Officers of the Club shall be Chairs of: Membership, Publicity, Philanthropy, Hospitality, Luncheons, Ways and Means, Sunshine, Website Management, 2.0 Committee, and other Chairs deemed necessary by the President
Section 2.        Nominations.
Every other January the President will appoint a three member nominating committee.  The nominating committee will present a list of nominees to the membership at the April meeting. (a)
Section 3.        Elections.
Elections shall be held at the regular meeting in April. (a)
Section 4.        Term of Office.
The term of office is two years. (a)
Section 5.        Vacancies.
The President, with the Nominating Committee, may appoint an officer to the Board to finish a term of office.  A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by an appointee of the Nominating Committee from the Board. (a)
Section 6.        Duties President or Co-President (with mutual consent) shall: Preside at all Club meetings, including Board and Executive Committee meetings. Be the official representative of the Club. Appoint officers of Standing Committees. Sign and pay bills in the absence of the Treasurer. Vice President shall perform in the absence of the Presidents and shall be the Chair of standing committees. (a) Recording Secretary shall: Maintain records of each Club, Board and Executive Committee meetings. Maintain Bylaws. Maintain a record of changes to the Bylaws. Corresponding Secretary shall: Conduct general correspondence of the Club. Keep copies of all letters written. Treasurer shall: Collect, deposit and disburse the funds of the Club. Sign all checks and contracts authorized by the Board or Committee
Chairs. (a) Report monthly to the Board and the membership during the fiscal year.
Section 1.        Membership
The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, and the elected and appointed officers of the Club. (a)
Section 2.        Duties
Executive Committee members conduct, report and follow up on Club activities. (a)
Section 1.        Composition
Standing Committees shall be: Program, Membership, Publicity, Philanthropy, Hospitality, Luncheons, Ways and Means, Sunshine, Website Management, 2.0 Committee, and other Committees deemed necessary by the President and the Executive Committee. (a)
Section 2.        Duties Program Chair(s) shall arrange luncheon speakers and programs subject to Executive Committee approval. Membership Chair shall endeavor to interest eligible women in becoming members of the Club; compile and maintain the Club Directory to be distributed to members by November; maintain an up-to-date Club roster; advise appropriate Executive Committee members of new members; and notify those members whose dues remain unpaid after September 30. Publicity Chair shall be responsible for arranging publicity for Club events and for composing the monthly Newsletter with input from the President and other Executive Committee members as needed. Philanthropy Chair shall research member-suggested non-profit organizations and recommend disbursement of funds to same. Hospitality Chair and volunteer assistants shall assist the President in the reception of members and guests and be in charge of name tags. Luncheon Chairshall be responsible for reservations and arrangements for all luncheon meetings. Ways and Means Chair shall arrange fund raising projects and plan for door prizes and gifts. Sunshine Chair shall send cards and notes to members who are ill, unable to attend regular meetings due to health issues, or to offer condolences when necessary. Website Manager shall maintain the CWC Website in a current and updated fashion. 2.0 Committee shall maintain a close relationship with the CWC Board of Directors; shall keep the Board apprised of all ongoing 2.0 activities; shall maintain records of monies collected and disbursed; and shall endeavor to attract and maintain 2.0 members by offering additional activities and events. (a)
Section 1.        Meetings The regular meeting of the Club shall be held on the second Wednesday from September through May [effective September 2016.] Special meetings of the Club, the Board, and the Executive Committee may be called by the President(s). The regular April meeting shall be the annual meeting.
d.   The Anniversary Meeting shall be held in February. (a)
e.      The President shall schedule Board meetings. (a)
Section 2.        Quorum A quorum for the Club to conduct business or elections shall be 10 members. A quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting shall be 3 members.
The rules contained in "Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised” shall provide guidance for the governance of the Club. (a)
The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board and Executive Committee (a)
Notice of the proposed amendments shall be given to the Board and Executive Committee at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendments are to bereviewed and acted upon. (a)
The Bylaws of the Canadian Women's Club of the San Francisco Bay Area will be posted on the Club’s website (a)
Bylaws adopted February 1965
Bylaws amended: December 1978
Bylaws amended: October 1987
Bylaws amended: June 1989
Bylaws amended: September 1989
Bylaws amended: April 2001
Bylaws amended: April 2003 Bylaws amended November 2015-January 2016